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Trade In & Trade Up Taylor Guitars Promotion

Taylor Trade In Trade Up | Cosmo Music

Trade In/Trade Up Program at Cosmo Music, Richmond Hill

Trade In & Trade Up Toward a New American-Made Taylor Guitar

From August 15 to October 31, 2023, Taylor Guitars is giving you a loyalty bonus of up to $250 toward your trade-in guitar when you purchase any new US-made (El Cajon) Taylor.

How it Works

• Bring in your guitar to trade in to Cosmo Music for a new Taylor El Cajon model
• We quote a dollar value of the trade-in
• In addition to the quoted value, you receive a $125 CAD bonus for any non-US-made guitar traded in on a Taylor El Cajon model
• If you are trading in any Taylor guitar, or any US-made guitar (electric or acoustic), you receive an additional $125 CAD bonus applied to the purchase of a Taylor El Cajon model – for a total bonus of $250 CAD
• Trade-ins cannot be combined and applied toward the purchase of a single El Cajon Taylor; each customer trade-in can only be applied to one El Cajon Taylor guitar

Available in-store only. See visit: or speak with one of our instrument specialists for more information.

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