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World-Class Facilities at Cosmo School of Music

Everything You Need to Kickstart Your Music Education

Immerse yourself in the world of sound at the Cosmo School of Music, where every turn around a corner sings a melody of its own. We believe that a musician's journey is as much about the environment as it is about the lessons. Our music school embodies this philosophy, offering spaces designed not just for instruction, but for inspiration. From the welcoming front desk to the intimate lesson rooms, vibrant group piano room, to the grandeur of the Cosmopolitan Music Hall, every detail here is fine-tuned to your musical journey. As you explore our spaces, remember: each one is a note in the symphony that is your musical education.

Let's strike the right chord together and make beautiful music that resonates beyond these walls.

World-Class Facilities at Cosmo School of Music | Richmond Hill, Ontario

What Makes a World-Class Facility?

It starts with an open concept waiting area featuring comfortable amenities and free Wi-Fi for students and families. Cosmo School of Music also prides itself on its accessible and supportive front desk equipped with highly trained music lesson advisors. Looking to learn something specific? We got you covered with:

  • A variety of private piano lesson rooms equipped with well-maintained upright and grand pianos

  • Rocking guitar lesson rooms, aesthetically adorned with exclusive designs and fully equipped with necessary gear

  • Spacious brass and woodwinds rooms, designed to accommodate students and their instruments comfortably

  • Sound treated drum lesson rooms with dual drum kits for practical learning

  • Bright and roomy group piano lesson room with 8 full-sized Yamaha digital pianos

  • The professional Cosmopolitan Music Hall offering unique monthly performance opportunities for students

Visit us at the Lesson Counter

Located on the second floor of Cosmo Music.

10 Via Renzo Drive Richmond Hill, ON

Front Desk & Reception

Our front desk and reception area is the epicenter of our music school. Designed with an open concept layout, our waiting area is not just a waiting area, it's a comfortable space where families can relax while students explore their musical journey. The area is brightly lit and welcoming, large enough to accommodate a bustling hub of students and families, yet still maintaining an air of tranquility.

We've made accessibility and comfort paramount. Our space includes elevator access and close proximity to restrooms. Whether you want to lose yourself in a book, get some work done on your laptop, or simply sit back and take a breather, this is the place for you. To further your convenience, we also offer free Wi-Fi for all visitors. It's our way of making the time you spend with us a little more productive and a lot more enjoyable.

Just steps away is our large lesson counter. From answering simple inquiries to handling complex concerns, our team is comprised of professional and self-taught musicians and are well-versed in the intricacies of the music industry. They are as passionate about your musical growth as you are, ensuring you get the most out of your time with us.

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Private Piano Lesson Rooms

Our private piano lesson rooms house a variety of quality upright pianos, ranging from Young Chang to Yamaha. Each instrument receives meticulous care, undergoing regular maintenance and tuning to ensure optimal tone and sound. We want our students to experience music in its purest form, and that starts with our instruments.

For our advanced students, we offer a special grand piano room featuring a brand-new Young Chang grand piano. This space is designed to mimic professional testing environments, giving students the chance to practice and perfect their skills on a grand piano, the gold standard in the industry.

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Guitar Lesson Rooms

Walk into our guitar lesson rooms, and you'll instantly be inspired. In partnership with both Taylor Guitars and Fender Musical Instruments, the walls are adorned with exclusively designed artwork, sparking creativity and joy. We ensure each room is equipped with all the necessary gear. We are talking about all the essentials like footrests and extra picks to amps, tuners, patch cords, and more! We've left no stone unturned in creating an environment conducive to guitar mastery.

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Drum Lesson Rooms

Stepping into our drum lesson rooms, you'll notice two things: first, the exceptional sound treatment, and second, the high-quality drum kits that take center stage. Each room houses two full drum kits, giving students the chance to practice on some of the best equipment in the industry. Adjustable thrones and extra drumsticks ensure comfort and convenience, so students can fully immerse themselves in the rhythm.

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Group Piano Lesson Rooms

Our group piano lesson room is a vibrant, interactive space designed for collaborative learning. It's equipped with eight Yamaha digital pianos, each featuring eighty-eight weighted keys to mimic the feel of a traditional piano. This room is not just about the keyboards, though. It has ample floor space for games and activities, vital components of our engaging and immersive learning experience.

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Cosmopolitan Music Hall

The crown jewel of our music school is the Cosmopolitan Music Hall. This professional-grade hall offers our students regular opportunities to perform in front of a live audience. With a seating capacity of 240 and equipped with professional sound systems and lighting, the hall hosts monthly recitals, workshops, and clinics. Performing here not only builds confidence but offers students a rare insight into the world of professional musicianship. It's here where lessons come to life, and our students truly shine.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have a dedicated parking area for parents and students?

Yes, we do. Our facility boasts a large parking area at the back of the building, and an additional 60+ parking spaces at the front for easy parking and drop-offs.

How do you ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the facility and instruments?

We take hygiene very seriously. All our classrooms are sanitized and cleaned daily, and door handles are sanitized multiple times a day to maintain a clean environment.

Can parents wait in the lesson rooms during their child's class?

Some parents prefer to accompany their children during lessons, and we are more than accommodating. We can set up additional seating in our spacious private classrooms for parents to comfortably observe the lessons.

How many students can your group piano room accommodate at once?

Our group piano room is spacious enough to accommodate up to 8 students and their parents comfortably.

Can the Cosmopolitan music hall be rented for private events?

Absolutely, our music hall is available for a variety of private events throughout the year. Just reach out to us for booking information.

How is the soundproofing in the individual lesson rooms?

All our lesson rooms are sound treated for optimal acoustics, with additional acoustic treatment installed in all our drum lesson rooms.

What is the availability and procedure to use the practice rooms outside of lesson times?

Our practice rooms are free for all our students to use. We only ask that parents and students contact us for availability in advance.

What are the opening hours of the facility?

Our store opens at 11 am, and our lesson counter is staffed from 12:30 pm to 8 pm on Monday to Thursday, and from 11 am to 6 pm on Fridays and weekends.

Are restrooms equipped with diaper changing stations?

Yes, both of our restrooms are equipped with diaper changing stations for your convenience.

How often are the pianos tuned and maintained?

Our pianos are consistently monitored for sound quality and tone. They are generally tuned every few months given their frequent use.

Is there a lost and found in case someone misplaces something?

Yes, our lost and found is located at our front desk reception. If you misplace something, just let our lesson advisors know, and we'll do everything possible to help you find it.

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At the Cosmo School of Music, we pride ourselves on the quality you receive when you learn with us. Every single one of our teachers are all excellent at what they do, and we feel confident that they'll pass that down to you as well. Whether you're learning in-person or online, you can be sure that you're receiving incredible music education every single time.

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