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Enhance Your Music Program: The 2023/2024 Diamond Collection Repertoire for Educators

Enhance Your Music Program: The Diamond Collection Repertoire for Music Educators

Curation for Music Educators

Discover 33 handpicked musical gems that elevate student learning and ensemble performance.

Time to read: 14 minutes

Cosmo Music Diamond Collection 2024 - Music Education Resources

With careful consideration of hundreds of new releases in Concert & Contest Concert Band Repertoire, Concert Band Pop Repertoire, and Jazz Ensemble Repertoire, the Diamond Collection is a list of must-have pieces that stand out and excel in playability, musicality, and student appeal — curated by Cosmo Music’s Michael Cybulskie — or Big Mikey C — an Educational Print Music Specialist with over 30 years of experience. Diamond Collection listings include videos which feature sample recordings and score-viewing capability, making it simple and convenient to make repertoire selections. MP3 audio recordings are also available for all titles upon request.

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33 selections featured in this the collection:

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YouTube Real | Curation for Music Educators: Diamond Collection Repertoire 2023/2024

Concert & Contest Concert Band Repertoire

Cosmo Music Diamond Collection 2024 - Music Education Resources | Concert & Contest Concert Band Repertoire

Concert & Contest Concert Band includes original compositions from respected composers written in different musical styles for festival or concert performance use. Arrangements vary from Grade 0.5 for first year players, Grade 1 to 1.5 for beginning players, Grade 2 to 2.5 for junior players, and Grade 3 for intermediated players. Shop all Concert & Contest selections in the complete Diamond Collection.

The Fire’s Fury

Grade: 0.5
Composer: Brian Balmages
Cosmo SKU: P102141365 | Alfred Music #: 98-B1879
👉 Shop The Fire’s Fury

“The Fire’s Fury” has complex sounds for a work that is very approachable with powerful percussion elements combined with dissonant intervals in the winds.

The World’s Greatest Show!

Grade: 0.5
Composer: William Owens
Cosmo SKU: P102141366 | Alfred Music #: 98-B1872
👉 Shop The World’s Greatest Show!

Bring the excitement of the big top to your audiences with this rollicking musical nod to the circus! From tightrope walkers to elephants and crazy clowns, each of the five movements sparks the imagination. Perform as a suite, or choose select movements.

At the Edge of Chaos

Grade: 0.5
Composer: Roland Barrett
Cosmo SKU: P100151887 | Alfred Music #: 00-39499 | ISBN 13: 978-1-4706-5717-8 | UPC: 038081459592
👉 Shop At the Edge of Chaos

A musical depiction of a “state of utter confusion.” There’s order in that jumble of sound. Great fun for every first-year ensemble, the work has segments of unpredictable sound.


Grade: 0.5
Composer: Ryan Meeboer
Cosmo SKU: P102141367 | Eighth Note Publications #: CB223451
👉 Shop Exuberance

Exuberance is the perfect piece to introduce young performers to band music. Focusing on the first seven pitches introduced in most method books, this piece makes use of simple compositional techniques to help your band evolve from playing unison melodies into sounding like a mature band. Each section has melodic content at some point in the piece, giving each performer the opportunity to shine.

Among the Stars, You’ll Shine

Grade: 1
Composer: Chris M. Bernotas
Cosmo SKU: P102141368 | Alfred Music #: 00-49963 | ISBN 13: 978-1-4706-5856-4 | UPC: 038081576121
👉 Shop Among the Stars, You’ll Shine

A selection that is a great choice for developing an expressive style of performance with your students. While predominantly lyrical, there are plenty of contrasts and opportunities for your students to shine.


Grade: 1
Composer: Brian Balmages
Cosmo SKU: P102138857 | Alfred Music # 00-50662 | ISBN 13: 978-1-4706-6034-5 | UPC: 038081577142
👉 Shop Clutch

“Clutch” is an aggressive and harmonically colourful work that uses percussion to establish a strong rhythmic pulse that compliments the melodic lines throughout.

Red Comet

Grade: 1.5
Composer: Michael Oare
Cosmo SKU: P102141369 | Hal Leonard #: 04008096 | UPC: 196288119708
👉 Shop Red Comet

A dynamic work for second year player composed using a single fast tempo thoughout. Features imagery and and intensity beyond what you would normally find with an easy level chart.

Action Scene

Grade: 1.5
Composer: Brian Balmages
Cosmo SKU: P102141370 | Alfred Music #: 98-B1885
👉 Shop Action Scene

Experience the music for an exhilarating action scene… without the scene! Aggressive, relentless, and driving rhythms overlap with big Hollywood hit moments, including elements of added tension and release.

Primeval Dance

Grade: 1.5
Composer: Brian Balmages
Cosmo SKU: P102141371 | Alfred Music #: 00-50681 | ISBN 13: 978-1-4706-6343-8 | UPC: 038081580319
👉 Shop Primeval Dance

Raw, primitive-sounding harmonies combine with contemporary colours and haunting melodies in this genre-busting work. “Primeval Dance” has an undeniably mature sound and will make a powerful impression on your audience.

Mambo Sauce

Grade: 1.5
Composer: Frank McKinney
Cosmo SKU: P102141372 | Eighth Note Publications #: CB223455
👉 Shop Mambo Sauce

More cowbell please!! With spicy rhythms, a dash of syncopation and a large portion of fun, this catchy mambo tune will have your audience dancing in the aisles.

Under the Prairie Sky

Grade: 2
Composer: Robert Buckley
Cosmo SKU: P102141373 | Hal Leonard #: 04008131 | UPC: 196288127338
👉 Shop Under the Prairie Sky

“Under The Prairie Sky”, a new Robert Buckley composition inspired by the expansive prairie landscape. Features festive dance-like rhythms and rich, majestic themes. A great skillfully scored concert opener or festival piece for developing players to sound their best.


Grade: 2
Composer: Ryan Meeboer
Cosmo SKU: P102141374 | Eighth Note Publications #: CB223457
👉 Shop Discovery

This selection reflects the joys and excitement of making that discovery and enjoying its spoils. It opens using a variety of arpeggios in most of the instruments as a representation of the joyous announcement of the finding, as well as some melodic material introduced by the remaining instruments.


Grade: 2.5
Composer: Victor López
Cosmo SKU: P102141375 | Alfred Music #: 00-50326 | ISBN 13: 978-1-4706-6230-1 | UPC: 038081579504
👉 Shop Intenso

“Intenso” is an exciting composition full of contrasts. Following a soft and solemn opening, thundering interruptions set the tone for the melody, and intertwined percussive patterns. An aggressive display of emotions sparks the juxtaposition of bold and lyrical themes, leading to a powerful ending.

What I Do Today…

Grade: 2.5
Composer: Brian Balmages
Cosmo SKU: P102141376 | Alfred Music #: 98-B1882
👉 Shop What I Do Today…

This selection echoes a powerful reminder of how each of us can affect positive change in the people and world around us. The music eventually erupts in a euphoria of sound, almost akin to a pop music concert. As quickly as this comes, the chorale returns once more, leaving everyone with a sense of peace.

Sunlight Dancing

Grade: 3
Composer: Robert Buckley
Cosmo SKU: P102139237 | Hal Leonard #: 04008060 | UPC: 196288116639
👉 Shop Sunlight Dancing

A celebratory work expressing positive energy designed to lift peoples spirits. This piece is full of tuneful melodies, driving percussion, and dynamic contrasts. An exciting concert opener or festival piece that showcases all sections of the band.

From Glen to Glen

Grade: 3
Composer: Robert Sheldon
Cosmo SKU: P102141377 | Alfred Music #: 98-B1877
👉 Shop From Glen to Glen

Inspired by the music of Scotland, this stellar original opens with a strathspey, written in a bold and majestic manner. A brief transition introduces the beautiful Scottish carol “Christ Child’s Lullaby”, before a percussion interlude gives a nod to the music of the traditional Scottish Military Tattoo. The work culminates in an energetic cut-time reel, which brings the piece to a rousing conclusion.

The Wellerman Come

Grade: 3
Composer: Travis J. Weller
Cosmo SKU: P102141378 | Alfred Music #: 98-B1883
👉 Shop The Wellerman Come

This outstanding work inspired by the widly popular sailing song takes us on an epic journey with the captain and the ship’s energetic crew. Moments of peril intertwine with chants of victory as the struggle unfolds. A superb change of pace for any concert, and a fantastic closer as well!

Pride and Tradition

Grade: 3
Composer: Robert Buckley
Cosmo SKU: P102141379 | Eighth Note Publications #: CB223466
👉 Shop Pride and Tradition

Composed to celebrate the 75th anniversary of The Burlington Teen Tour Band. Set in three contrasting sections, this makes an ideal concert or contest selection. In the lyrical middle section there is a lush brass section moment and solos in flute and alto saxophone. Driving rhythms and memorable melodies gives all players exciting parts throughout.

Concert Band Pop Repertoire

Cosmo Music Diamond Collection 2024 - Music Education Resources | Concert Band Pop Repertoire

Concert Band Pop includes radio hits and well-known classics from legendary recording artists. Arrangements vary from Grade 1 to 1.5 for beginner players, Grade 2 to 2.5 for junior level players, and Grade 3 to 3.5 for intermediate players. Shop all the Concert Band Pop Repertoire in the complete Diamond Collection.

You Belong with Me

Grade: 1.5
Artist: Taylor Swift | Composers: Taylor Swift, Liz Rose | Arranger: Robert Longfield
Cosmo SKU: P102141380 | Hal Leonard #: 04008524 | UPC: 196288177104
👉 Shop You Belong with Me

An early Taylor Swift hit with a tuneful melody. A fun arrangement that is effectively scored for second year players.

Paint It, Black

Grade: 1.5
Artist: Rolling Stones | Composers: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards | Arranger: Johnnie Vinson
Cosmo SKU: P102141381 | Hal Leonard #: 04008182 | UPC: 196288135982
👉 Shop Paint It, Black

“Paint It, Black” from the Rolling Stones, a classic rock tune that has returned as featured in the popular television series “Wednesday”. A new generation can now discover its magic and lasting appeal.

Taylor Swift: Eros

Grade: 2
Artist: Taylor Swift | Arranger: Johnnie Vinson
Cosmo SKU: P102141382 | Hal Leonard #: 04008522 | UPC: 196288176848
👉 Shop Taylor Swift: Eras

A great-sounding medley for young band of hits from pop icon Taylor Swifts Eros Tour. Includes: “You Belong to Me”, “Enchanted”, “I Knew You Were Trouble”, “Shake It Off”, “Look What You Made Me Do”, “Cardigan”, and “Anti-Hero”.

Meant to Be

Grade: 2
Composers: Josh Miller, Tyler Hubbard, David Garcia, Bebe Rexha | Arranger: Michael Story
Cosmo SKU: P102139247 | Alfred Music #: 00-49452 | ISBN 13: 978-1-4706-6081-9 | UPC: 038081577609
👉 Shop Meant to Be

Number one hit by Bebe Rexha teaming up with Florida Georgia Lines that captures the feel of the original recording.

Dance the Night

Grade: 2.5
Composers: Dua Lipa, Andrew Wyatt, Mark Ronson, Caroline Ailin | Arranger: Michael Story
Cosmo SKU: P102141383 | Alfred Music #: 00-50785 | ISBN 13: 978-1-4706-6722-1 | UPC: 038081585833
👉 Shop Dance the Night

Earworm catchy tune by Dua Lipa featured in the Barbie movie. A great tune to energize your students for your next concert.


Grade: 2.5
Artist: Miley Cyrus | Composers: Michael Pollack, Gregory Aldae Hein, Miley Cyrus | Arranger: Patrick Roszell
Cosmo SKU: P102141384 | Alfred Music #: 00-50059 | ISBN 13: 978-1-4706-6371-1 | UPC: 038081580753
👉 Shop Flowers

“Flowers” is a massive number one and Grammy-winning hit by Miley Cyrus. A great spring concert selection for a middle or high-school band.

David Bowie: The Hits

Grade: 3
Composer: Patrick Roszell
Cosmo SKU: P102141385 | Alfred Music #: 00-50067 | ISBN 13: 978-1-4706-6222-6 | UPC: 038081579429
👉 Shop David Bowie: The Hits

A fantastic medley containing three of David Bowie’s biggest hits; the groovin “Let’s Dance”, the classic “Space Oddity”, and the nostalgic hit with rock group Queen, “Under Pressure”.

Best of the Boy Bands

Grade: 3
Artists: Jackson 5, Backstreet Boys, BTS, One Direction | Arranger: Michael Brown
Cosmo SKU: P102139234 | Hal Leonard #: 04008064 | UPC: 196288116806
👉 Shop Best of the Boy Bands

This fun medley features a mix of Boy Band older classics as well as newer chartbusters. Includes: “Dynamite” (BTS), “Everybody” (Backstreet Boys), “I Want It That Way” (Backstreet Boys), “What Makes You Beautiful” (One Direction), and “I’ll Be There” (Jackson 5).

Running Up That Hill

Grade: 3
Artist: Kate Bush | Arranger: Paul Murtha
Cosmo SKU: P102139235 | Hal Leonard #: 04007843 | UPC: 196288104759
👉 Shop Running Up That Hill

Powerful setting of recent Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Kate Bush hit. Originally from 1985, but given new life as a recurring theme in season 4 of the popular TV series Stranger Things.

Jazz Ensemble Repertoire

Cosmo Music Diamond Collection 2024 - Music Education Resources | Jazz Ensemble Repertoire

Jazz Ensemble includes original compositions as well as tried and true standards in various jazz stylings. Performers would need at least 1-2 years experience in a concert band setting to perform in a jazz ensemble. Arrangements vary from Grade 1 to 1.5 for beginner players, Grade 2 to 2.5 for junior players, and Grade 3 to 3.5 for intermediate players. Browse Mikey’s featured Jazz Ensemble selections below and shop the selections in the complete Diamond Collection.

Shop Around

Grade: 1.5
Artist: Smokey Robinson & The Miracles | Arranger: Rick Stitzel
Cosmo SKU: P102141386 | Hal Leonard #: 07013982 | UPC: 196288117315
👉 Shop Shop Around

Signature Smokey Robinson & The Miracles 1960 hit featured in a beginning jazz band arrangement. “Shop Around” includes modest ranges and easy rhythms with a short solo for any saxophone.

13 O’Clock Jump

Grade: 1.5
Composer: Zachary Smith
Cosmo SKU: P102141387 | Alfred Music #: 00-50082 | ISBN 13: 978-1-4706-6284-4 | UPC: 038081580050
👉 Shop 13 O’Clock Jump

A swingin’ blues but with a fun twist, 13-bar blues! Play it around 172 BPM with suggested solos written for tenor 1, trumpet 1, trombone 1, and some brief drumset fills. Trumpet 1 range is to written E top space. Check out the cool brass plunger mute sections!

Song for My Father

Grade: 2
Artist: Horace Silver | Arranger: Paul Murtha
Cosmo SKU: P102141388 | Hal Leonard #: 07014171 | UPC: 196288174424
👉 Shop Song for My Father

Horace Silver standard expertly adapted for an easier level, with a distinctive bass line and latin style. A great way to introduce the music of this jazz legend to your students.

Unleash the Chicken

Grade: 2.5
Composer: Kris Berg
Cosmo SKU: P102141389 | Alfred Music #: 00-50084 | ISBN 13: 978-1-4706-6298-1 | UPC: 038081580197
👉 Shop Unleash the Chicken

A great New Orleans Second line groove added to the well known Jaco Pastorius version of “The Chicken”. Kris Berg continues his chicken themed charts with the lead trumpet range written to G on top of the staff. Includes written solos for Tenor 1 and Trombone 2.


Grade: 3
Artist: Earth, Wind & Fire | Composers: Al McKay, Maurice White, Allee Willis | Arranger: Paul Murtha
Cosmo SKU: P102141390 | Hal Leonard #: 07014169 | UPC: 196288174400
👉 Shop September

Here is Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September”. A playable version for younger bands that captures the infectious groove of the original.

In the Still of the Night

Grade: 3
Composer: Cole Porter | Arranger: Mike Kamuf
Cosmo SKU: P102141391 | Alfred Music #: 00-50086 | ISBN 13: 978-1-4706-6294-3 | UPC: 038081580159
👉 Shop In the Still of the Night

A well-craftred chart of the classic Cole Porter jazz standard. Bounces between samba and swing with lead trumpet range to written B-flat above the staff. Includes solo sections for Alto 1, Tenor 1, Trumpet 2, Trombone 1, and drums with a hot shout chorus.

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