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Our team comes to you: service, installation, and training for the equipment we sell or the equipment you already have on-site.


Our team of experienced Cosmo GearHeadz are here to help. GearHeadz offers on-site, in-depth consultation for all of your music gear. Let us show you how to set up that daunting drum kit in a breeze, or show you what all those knobs and sliders do in that software you're dying to make music with. So don't be intimidated by complex gear, we've got you covered.

Drums - Cosmo Pro Gearheadz

We'll assemble your drum kit and teach you how to tune it and maintain it.

Lighting - Cosmo Pro Gearheadz

We'll set up your stage lighting, and show you how to make it shine.

Sound System - Cosmo Pro GearHeadz

We'll design your sound system and teach you how to make it sound great.

Pedals - Cosmo Pro GearHeadz

We'll set up your electric guitar or bass effect pedals, and teach you how to dial in a great tone.

House Computer - Cosmo Pro GearHeadz

We'll set up and teach you how to use your music computer, keyboard, or synthesizer.

Home Studio - Cosmo Pro GearHeadz

We'll give you the basics on home recording (including help with interfaces, studio planning, and acoustic treatments).

PLUS – we would be happy to customize your GearHeadz experience – we’ll do just about anything you need to make your Music Gear work the way you want. Ask an expert for details.

Cosmo Music Vans



  • $99 for each additional hour while on-site
  • $79 per hour for regular weekly bookings
  • Delivery can be added for just $40

*includes up to 30 minutes of travel time, additional time is $60 per hour. Standard delivery fee is $79 (please inquire for details).