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Early Childhood Music & Movement Programs

Give Your Child the Gift and Benefits of Learning Music!

The Music Garden and Orff Ensemble programs are a unique and innovative approach to teaching music to children between the ages of 2 to 6. Our goal is to introduce basic and foundational concepts of music in a creative, fun, and imaginative way that captures the attention and interest of young learners. We believe that music is an integral part of childhood development, and our program provides a positive and engaging learning experience that helps children develop a lifelong love of music.

Our approach to teaching music is based on the belief that all children have the potential to be musical and our program is designed to nurture that potential in a way that is fun, imaginative, and supportive. Our experienced instructors are passionate about music and committed to helping students develop their musical abilities in a positive and inclusive learning environment.

Why Choose Early Childhood Music?

  • Learning music can help young kids develop their language and literacy skills
  • Music instruction can improve young kids' memory and problem-solving abilities
  • Learning music can enhance coordination and fine motor skills in young kids
  • Group music instruction can improve young kids' listening skills and ability to pay attention
  • Learning music can be a fun and enjoyable experience for young kids
  • Music education can have a positive impact on young kids' overall development and well-being

Music Garden

3 and 4-Year-Old

Music Garden

In the Music Garden program, students will participate in a variety of interactive activities and games that focus on the basic elements of music, such as rhythm, melody, and harmony. These activities are designed to be engaging and stimulating, and they incorporate a wide range of musical instruments, songs, and storytelling to help students learn and retain the key concepts of music.

Saturdays, 60 minutes
12:15 pm or 1:15 pm

There are many cognitive, behavioural, and impactful benefits to music instruction. For example, music group instruction often involves collaboration and group activities, which can help children learn to communicate and cooperate with their peers. These group interactions also facilitate students feeling a sense of community and belonging. But that's not all.

By participating in the program from a young age, children will develop a strong foundation in music, which can lead to a lifetime of musical exploration and enjoyment. Studies have shown that early music education can have a positive impact on cognitive development, language skills, and social-emotional growth in children.

In a group setting, children also learn to work together and communicate effectively, which are important skills for any musical ensemble. It also helps to foster a sense of community, encouraging children to appreciate and respect each other’s musical abilities, and to work together to create a cohesive and enjoyable musical experience.

Orff Ensemble Title

5 and 6-Year-Olds

Orff Ensemble

Our Orff Ensemble program is designed for students between the ages of 5 and 6 and is focused on providing a fun and engaging learning experience through ensemble music-making. Each provides students with the opportunity to play instruments like xylophones and drums, as well as try out other hand percussion instruments like tambourines, maracas, and more.

Saturdays, 60 minutes
11 am or 2:30 pm

As a natural continuation of our Music Garden Program, the Orff Program builds on the musical foundations established in the earlier program and allows children to further develop their musical and social skills. The ensemble setting of the program provides students with the chance to learn how to work as a team and to develop their listening and communication skills.

The program is ideal for students who are interested in eventually pursuing instrumental or vocal instruction as it provides them with a solid foundation in music and ensemble playing, enabling them to make a smooth transition to more advanced instruction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is parent participation mandatory?

In our Music Garden classes for young children, parent participation is an important aspect of the program. This allows parents to actively support their child's music learning and be fully engaged in the class. However, for our Orff Ensemble program for older students, parent participation is not required.

What age range is the children's music program for?

Our music and movement programs are designed for students between the ages of 3 to 6. Typically, after 6 years old students will select a specific instrument and move on to private lessons.

What types of musical instruments will children learn to play?

Students in both our Music Garden and Orff Ensemble programs are introduced to a variety of instruments such as: shakers, triangles, bongos, claves, timbales, boom whackers, xylophone, piano, ukulele, handbells, tambourines, bells, and much more.

Are there different levels or class options available for different skill levels?

Yes! Our Music Garden program is best suited for students between the ages of 3 to 4 and our Orff Ensemble program is designed for 5 to 6 year-olds.

How often are the music classes held and how long is each class?

Classes are 60 minutes in length and take place on the same day weekly.

Are there any prerequisites or prior music experience required to join the program?

Nope! Students do not need any previous experience to join either program. This program is designed to give students an introduction to music in a fun and engaging way.

How can parents get involved and support their child's music learning?

You can best support your child by being fully present in the classes. We find that children progress at a faster pace if their parents are fully bought in and invested in the program.

What is the process for enrolling in the children's music program?

You can sign up via the form below or contact any of our Education Advisors via email or telephone: 905-787-2090 or

What is the teacher-student ratio in the class?

We have one teacher in each of our Music Garden or Orff Ensemble classes and classes are a maximum of 10 students.

What are the teacher's qualifications and experience?

All our teachers at the Cosmo School of Music are accredited either via a diploma/degree or have relevant teaching experience. Everyone is of course vulnerable sector checked as well.

How do the payments work?

Payments are $108 per month (based off 4 classes) and processed on the first lesson day of each month. The payments are simply prorated to reflect the number of lessons in any given month.

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At the Cosmo School of Music, we pride ourselves on the quality you receive when you learn with us. Every single one of our teachers are all excellent at what they do, and we feel confident that they'll pass that down to you as well. Whether you're learning in-person or online, you can be sure that you're receiving incredible music education every single time.

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